Alvaro Siza - Leça Pools Analysis

Through the process of investigation and analysis, two-dimensional diagrams were created exploring the concepts of axis/symmetry/balance, geometry/proportion, repetition/rhythm, repetitive vs unique, circulation, structure, building to site, figure/ground. hierarchy, and other findings specific to the site and its reading. After having researched and reinterpreted the site plan precedent through two-dimensional diagramming, the task was to complete the analysis by constructing its spatial, perceptual, and phenomenological aspects in a series of abstract analytical models.

Exterior building plan lines that lie on the y-axis 
Exterior building plan lines that lie on the x-axis 
Building formed out of squares and rectangles 
Reverse Figure Ground
A diagonal hatch to represent the ground of the figure ground and open space within to represent the figure 
Extended Boundaries
Extended lines for the boundaries of the building and pools 
Water Edge vs. Built Edge
Profile of where the water meets the rocks and pools versus the profile of where the road meets the building and path 
Calm Waters vs. Aggressive Water
Light horizontal hatch to represent the pools (calm waters) and a darker hatch for the ocean (aggressive waters) 
Synthesis Diagram
Calm Waters vs. Aggressive Water, Geometry, and Reverse Figure Ground
Synthesis Diagram
Water Edge vs. Built Edge, Axis, and Extended Boundaries
Process Model
Public vs Private
Process Model
Process Model
Calm Waters vs. Aggressive Water
Composite Model
Leca Pool Sketches
Leca Pool Sketches
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