URBANbuild Prototype

The Central City neighborhood in New Orleans has a varied vernacular immediately surrounding this project’s site but the camel back style house stood out as a housing type that could be modernized. The goal was to design a two-bedroom and two-bathroom house on a 30’ x 90’ lot while respecting all of the city’s setbacks and regulations. This scheme’s drastic scale shift from the front to the back of the house allows it to be prototypical - in a context of two or more story housing, the back of the house can be the front. The massing strategy creates a high volume space if it were a simple single level plan so a loft is created adding to the program a library, study room, or future third bedroom. The south facing wall is curated with apertures that carefully let light into the living room, dining room, and loft spaces while responding to the exterior cladding dimensions.

Site Map
Front Exterior
Interior Entry
Mezzanine View
Rear Exterior
Siding Pattern Options
Front Elevation
Process Sketches
Process and Final Physical Models
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